FAQ - HydroTools, Maintenance & Equipment

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HydroTools, Maintenance & Equipment

Q: What contents are included in the thermometer? Does it contain mercury?
A: All of our thermometers contain ONLY a mixture of water and alcohol.

Q: How do I know if I am purchasing the correct part/item?
A: Please consult your local pool dealer, installer, or send an email over to support@swimlinecorp.com. We will guide you in the right direction!

Q: My test strips/test kits have an expired date on them. Is this an expiration date?
A: This is NOT an expiration date. This date specifies the time that the product was manufactured. Test strips and kits are good for two years after the date shown.

Q: I ordered your product from a 3rd party and it was missing parts and/or it included incorrect parts. How do I fix this?
A: Please return/exchange your product from the original point of purchase. We cannot fulfill these requests directly unless purchased from our site. 

Q: Are you able to look up my information in your system on an item purchased through a 3rd party provider?
A: Unfortunately we are only the manufacturer and do not keep a file of our 3rd party provider records. We only have your information if you've purchased an item directly from our site.  

Q: How do I install the spring on my vacuum head? (Items #8150, 8151, 8165, 8166)

Q: Do the solar reel systems come with tube kits?
A: No, tube kits must be purchased separately for specific pool size and tube diameter.

Q:  What happens if the plastic plug that is used to attach the 4" tube for my solar reel system (#5100 & #51050) cracks?
A: The plastic plug (#51164PP) is used when a you attach 4" tube kits to the resin reel systems (#5100 & #51050) that accept related poles (#51164 & #51204).  These tube kits (poles) also come with aluminum inserts (#51164IS) which are used to connect aluminum real systems (# 50050, #55000, #56001, & #58001).  

If you have purchased a #50050, #55000, #56001, or #58001, you don’t need the plastic plugs (#51164PP). Inversely, if you have purchased a #5100 or #51050, you don't need the aluminum inserts. All systems come with plastic plugs or aluminum inserts that make the system fit to the 3" poles (#51120, #51160, #51200, #51240), which would not be needed if you buy the 4" or 5" tube kit. 

Please Note: Tube kits (poles) #51240 & #51284 are only intended to be used with real system for AG pools (#50050) & the 5" tube kit (#51205) does not come with plastic plug (PP), as it is not intended for use with resin systems (#5100 & #51050).
Q: Can you explain how to purchase your solar reel systems & what items correspond to the different system options?
  • To complete your 52000 Above Ground Solar Reel System or your 53000 Inground Solar Reel System, you need to purchase the 54000 Tube Kit which is the corresponding set of poles. These can be found on our online lookbook catalog.
  • To complete your 55000 Commercial Quality Fixed Height Inground Solar Reel System, you need to purchase one of the below pole options. These can all be found on our online lookbook catalog.
    • 51120
    • 51160
    • 51164
    • 51204
    • 51205
  • To complete your #51050 Inground Pool Resin Solar Reel System, you need to purchase one of the below pole options. These can be found on our online lookbook catalog.
    • 51120
    • 51160
    • 51200
    • 51164
    • 51204
    • 51205 
Q: Can the HydroTools Concrete Pool Flex Vac 8150 be used in a vinyl in-ground pool?
A: Our #8150 model should be safe for in-ground vinyl pools, although we do not recommend using this vac head for the purpose of cleaning. This model may not be as efficient as a vac head designed specifically for pools of this type. **NOTE: Please make sure to inspect the vac head for any jagged edges before attempting to use in a vinyl in-ground pool. 

Q: Does the HydroTools Safety Hook 89900 fit all Swimline poles?
A: The #89900 Safety Hook will fit all of our adjustable poles, but it may not meed code for commercial application. Commercial application does not allow use of adjustable pole & must be a straight pole which we don't carry.

Q: How do I operate my Cover Saver (Item #5436)?
A: Check out some troubleshooting notes below & view instructions here!
  • Check to see if hose is kinked or bent. If it is, it would impede water flow.
  • Make sure base of unit is centered in pool & be clear of leaves and/or debris;  which may block or slow down draining.
  • End of hose and siphon pump should be lower than unit when working to prime/create siphon action.
  • Valve should be in "ON" position (tightened) when in use. Turning valve to "OFF" loosened position will stop the flow of water. Adjusting the air pressure valve (image shown here) will also allow for more rapid compression/decompression of the primer bulb.
  • Water will not flow uphill.
  • Filling hose with water prior to using siphon pump will help siphon action to start more easily & quickly.
Q: Can you please explain the Sand Filter filtration process as it relates to the motor attachments?
A: Water moves from the pool into the wall skimmer & then proceeds to move through the motor. The motor then pumps the water through the filtering tank & back into the pool (The filtering element varies - Sand, etc.). Larger particles are trapped by the basket in the wall skimmer, while smaller particles (hair, lint, etc.) can get through the skimmer basket. To avoid damage to the motor, a second basket is connected to the motor & further helps prevent damage (usually referred to as a hair & lint trap). 

All of our filter systems have motors with this 'hair & lint trap' except our #71225 & #70026 models. 

As a supplement, you can use our Basket Buddy (#89281) to further filter the smaller water particles (dirt, pollen, etc.). You can deploy this inexpensive tool to protect the motor, while also extending the life of the filter itself.  

Q: The sand filter instructions advises a waste setting. Can you advise on the top of the Sand Filter where the setting for waste is? 
A: Backwash is the same as waste (on the 4-way valve that is found on #71225, #71233, & #71405), though if you want to make extra clean, you may turn to rinse (for a short time), before going back to filter (written as filtration on the valve label).

Q: What replacement pressure gauge fits your sand filter systems? 
A: Rear mount gauge #8961 or #8963 will be a perfect replacement pressure gauge for your HydroTools Sand Filter Systems.

Q: How many gallons of water does the #71225 system pump.
A: Based off a max flow rate of about 1200 gallons per hour, this filter system should work on pools with a max of 10,000 gallons of water. The pump should turn the water at least once every 24 hours & that pump should not be run more than 12 hour (total) over the course of 24 hours.

Q: How can I clear the intake on the #5440/#5420 cover pumps to check if there is something clogged?
A: There is a screw that holds the plastic piece in place. By removing the screw, you have access to remove the filter and also clear the intake.
Q: How do I secure the Above Ground Pool Entry Ladder #87950/87952L so it stays in place?
A: There is a white molded anti-entrapment barrier located in between both sides of the ladder steps. Please ensure that the holes along the structure are open to allow for water flow. This ensures the ladder secures to the floor.  

Q: What related motor system is connected to my sand filter?

  • 70026 System = 71206 Related motor **Note: Motor does not have second filter basket (‘hair & lint trap’)
  • 70151 System = 70156/71906S  Related motor
  • 71225 System = 71206 Related motor **Note: Motor does not have second filter basket (‘hair & lint trap’)
  • 71233 System = 71236 Related motor
  • 71405 System = 71406 Related motor
  • 71610 System = 71606: Related motor
  • 71915 System = 71906 Related motor
  • 72220 System = 72206 Related motor
  • 72420 System = 72206 Related motor