FAQ - Pool Floats & Games

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Pool Floats & Games

Q: What are the weight restrictions for your inflatable products?
A: Our average size float can hold a full size adult weighing up to 200lbs. Please refer to the age restriction on the box for further guidance. If the float is meant for infants, please restrict use to that age specification.

Q: How do you operate the valve on your inflatable & how do I inflate properly?

Q: How do I inflate and/or deflate my Swimline float/ball/mattress/ring/island/toy/etc.?
A: Most Swimline items utilize standard compression valves. These come in several sizes & many items will have more than one valve. Click here for instructions on how to inflate/deflate!

Q: How do I inflate my fabric covered float, island, tube? Where is the valve on my float, island, tube? Where is the valve on my fabric covered float, island, tube?  
A: All fabric covered floats have access panels that are closed with a zipper or velcro.  The valves on these items are located within the closures. You may need to rummage around a little, but they are there.  Click the above Item # to for full instructions! 

Q: How I do properly set up the Super Hoops Floating Swimming Pool Basketball Game? (Item #9162)
A: Please see instruction manual attached here.  The package has a total of 6 connectors - 3 straight and three curved 'T' junctions. Please use the straight connectors for the bottom of the unit & the slightly curved for the top of the unit. If you are having trouble with the top of the unit, we suggest leaving the tubes out in the sun for a little, so they can curve easier to fit with the connectors.

Q: How do I inflate & set up the Pirate Island properly? (Item #90940)
A: The Pirate Island Castle will not stand 90 degrees unless attached to the island.  There are several “T” fittings on the castle that will fit into raised openings on the island. You insert the “T” fitting and twist and this secures it to the island.

Q: Is there a max/min temperature at which the glue in your repair kits work?
A: The glue works between 0-80 degrees celsius. We suggest to wait 24 hours before inflation after you have applied your repair patch. 

Q: How do I operate the Ship Wreck Pool Dive Game (Item #9178)?
A: The way in which the items sinks and if/when it falls apart is determined by how the user assembles it & in turn, places it in the water. If the ship is pushed tightly together, it will often stay in-tact to the bottom of the pool, and possibly break apart when it hits the bottom. If put together loosely, it will break apart on the pool surface, or on it's way to the bottom of the pool. There are about 3-4 levels of how tightly the ship can be put together and these degrees effect behavior in water. The safe will fill up with water, but the contents will not scatter unless the lid is left ajar when placed in the hull of the ship.